Jun 12, 2011

Producer John Davis Talks about the Challenges of Adapting Ray Bradbury’s THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES

John Davis is no stranger to the sci-fi genre having producer all of the Predator films as well as I, Robot and Paycheck. His biggest challenge when it comes to sci-fi lies ahead with a planned adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles. Bradbury said of his celebrated work that it was “a book of stories pretending to be a novel.” Those individual stories relate to the human colonization of Mars and the conflict between the colonists and the natives. Recently Matt Goldberg spoke with Davis about the film. Davis says he’s met with Bradbury (who is now 94) and gotten his input on the adaptation. Davis adds that he envisions the movie (which is set up at Paramount) as a summer blockbuster but “one with a weighty intellectual background.”
Source: Collider

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